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5 Reasons To Rent Your Christmas Lights This Year

Christmas and the holiday season is such a special time for so many families. It represents a time to come together and enjoy each others company, maybe put on a few pounds from all the holiday eats and treats and start decorating your home to feel festive and welcoming. Then the dreaded Christmas Lights box comes out of storage, you know the one that has all those tangled light strands, you cant remember which ones work and which ones are just taking a free ride in your storage closet. So you say, ok maybe I will tackle this another day when I have time to sort this mess. Uh Oh! a few weeks have gone by and the family is now starting to get pretty impatient! Ok ok, its time to go outside and put these suckers up. Well now the weather is not so friendly, you think to youself "Argh! I wish there was a better way" Well you have found the right place to start!

Frustrated man with tangled christmas lights
Tired of untangling lights year to year?

Now that we have got passed the horror of the light box lets get into how you can avoid this forever! As you probably guessed from the title, the solution is RENT your lights. Here is 5 reasons you need to rent your lights this year:

1. Never deal with tangled and mismatched lights again - I think we have got this point across, when your renting lights from season to season you never have to worry about the big box stores not having the lights you bought last year. Your installation professional will carry a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from and in most cases these are fully customizable! see reason 2 for more.

2. Custom Fit - Most professional installation companies have customizable lights. This means they are cut to perfectly fit your home (no more hiding over runs around the corner), the bulbs are interchangeable to fit exactly the colour pattern you choose and all power and extension wires are hidden. Now if you really want to blow Clark Griswold and your neighbours away you need to ask about RGB lights, these premium installations can change colours on the fly!

3. Leave the procrastination out of it - Well not entirely, because of the limited season and high demand most companies book their spots up fast. However, all you need to do is hire a CLIPA certified professional and its as easy as pointing and voila your house is lit! Oh and the best part your neighbours aren't going to be hinting in July that maybe its time to take the lights down!

4. Enviornmentally friendly - Every year your back to the big box store to buy more lights because only half of your strands made it through the season. Now lets think of how many families are in the same boat and now lets imagine that giant pile of junk lights, yea not a pretty sight to see. Now lets compare the leading commercial grade LED bulb, they are rated for 60,000 hours thats a lot of hours isn't it? Well its 2500 days or approximately 6.85 years of continuous running! Well lets think of the average Christmas season is roughly 50 days and the lights are on for 8 hours per day...WOW that's only about 400 hours! Those bulbs are going to last a long time! And what about the power savings for using LED bulbs over incandescent? Well that's a whole another topic! Lucky for you I have already covered it

5. Safety - Of course safety is the most important reason and that is why I have left it for last. Installing Christmas Lights is a daunting task it requires using ladders, working at heights and often times inclement weather. It is best to leave this task to the pros, they are trained and proficient with ladder work and safety equipment.

Take a step back this year and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and watch the magic of a professional installation company.

Visit for more information about your rental program.

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